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Fire Retardant Hessian Wide Width

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Product code: KBT6712-B446
(Price per mtr)  £9.99 VAT Incl.


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The natural colour and rough look of hessian fabric lends itself well to traditional country style themed events such as farmers markets, cider and beer festivals, craft fairs or barn dances! This extra wide option is particularly useful for covering market stalls and tables for events such as these. Our fire retardant option is ideal for public use as the fabric has been treated with a fire retardant coating which will fit public events health and safety standards.


Hessian is often referred to as burlap; this is the American and Canadian term for the same fabric. The fabric is constructed from skin of a jute plant and other vegetable fibres to from extremely strong and durable material used for rope, nets or woven into a rough textured cloth.


Hessian has proved itself to be invaluable for all kinds of trades; this useful fabric is still relied upon for traditional tasks that have remained unchanged for years. Hessian is very popular for agricultural use, protecting and transporting plants, industrial use for sacking and structure protection and the construction of upholstery. The hardwearing nature of hessian is a great foundation to structure an item before applying the finishing padding and fabric, plus using a fire retardant hessian is a sensible safety measure.
Hessian is naturally able to withstand dramatic weather changes and endure repetitive use hence is continued popularity for practical outdoor projects. The durability of the fabric means whatever you create can be used again and again. If you have a design in mind for your small business or you need a larger amount for display or events, don’t hesitate to give out team a call. We can have your design made to measure exactly to your specifications no matter the scale of the project, large or small.


  • Fire retardant
  • Extra wide 180cm width
  • Eco friendly fabric
  • Biodegradable
  • Traditional country look
  • Practical and resilient
  • Safer for public events
  • Value for money