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Hessian fabric soft Jute cloth

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Product code: KBT-PF2003-F62-B147-3
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Soft jute hessian has a surface finish a fraction softer than our coloured hessian. The coarse weave has a mix of yarn sizes making a slightly more open and less uniform weave, if you had a different colour behind the fabric it would definitely be seen through. Well known for being eco friendly, jute is a natural material harvested from the fibres of a jute plant, therefore when made into rope or cloth this natural products remains In a biodegradable form.


This option of just hessian has been deep solid dyed into thirteen great colour options ranging from a bright canary yellow to mid tone purple. Having these colour options gives this already versatile fabric even more variety. This fabric would lend itself well to domestic crafting ideas that require a more robust fabric, rug making is a popular with this fabric. Try using several of the colours to weave a multicoloured area for rugs, table covers or place mats. It can easily be cut and sewn for practical accessories such as bags or even summer hats.


The many traditional uses for jute are still just as popular now, industrial and agricultural use, hessian is commonly used as a sacking fabric, and great for protecting plants and shrubs when moving them around the exposed roots are protected whilst still being able to breathe. Hessian even plays a part in bee keeping, its slow burning quality is used when harmlessly smoking bees away to get to the honey and wax.
Whatever your hessian needs are you can always rely on Fabric UK to have what you want. We have a large range of jute hessian fabric which we regularly import so you can be sure this versatile fabric will always be in stock.


  • Breathable
  • Biodegradable
  • 13 colour choices
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable
  • Colourful!