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Cyber Streak Holographic Fabric

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Product code: KBT7779-B332
(Price per mtr)  £7.99 VAT Incl.

Black and Silver
111 cm

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The streaks on the plain black polyester fabric are created from small squares. These squares are printed from a high quality holographic metallic material. The squares range in size to form streaks that dash up and down the fabric in a uniform pattern. The quality of the holographic print literally reflects in this fabric. Lesser quality holographic fabric has a weak almost faded effect and will not hit the full spectrum of shades with the same vibrancy as a better made hologram print. This hologram print is very vibrant, the colours changing magically from soft and subtle to vivid and saturated colours that burst out the fabric when the light hits it!

This holographic fabric has a great cyber style look to it which would be ideal for sci-fi outfits, cosplay and costumes. The polyester fabric does not hold a stretch but it falls smoothly. This quality would really benefit any costumes or outfits made out of this fabric. It can be cut and shaped very easily, it sews well and drapes beautifully. 

  •  Holographic spectrum fabric
  •  Sci - Fi costumes
  •  Festival, club, dance, rave wear
  •  100% polyester