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Display Board Fabric Loop Nylon (VELCRO® Hook Receptive)

(Price/mtr) £9.99 VAT Incl.

Colour: Black

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£399.50 (£7.99/mtr)
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Versatile and innovative Hook Receptive Foam Backed Fabric, a premium solution tailored for a myriad of applications. Crafted from loop nylon fabric, meticulously engineered with a plush 2mm foam backing, this material offers an unparalleled blend of functionality and comfort. F... Read more



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  • Versatile and innovative Hook Receptive Foam Backed Fabric, a premium solution tailored for a myriad of applications.
    Crafted from loop nylon fabric, meticulously engineered with a plush 2mm foam backing, this material offers an unparalleled blend of functionality and comfort.

    Fabric Specification

    • Width: 120cm
    • Fabric weight: 125grm
    • fire Retardant: BS5867

    Designed with versatility in mind, this fabric serves as an ideal choice for creating soft cushioned pin boards, ensuring a tactile and inviting surface for your pinning needs.
    Its hook receptive nature makes it effortlessly compatible with various Velcro hook and other hook & loop systems, facilitating seamless organization and display of your materials.

    Safety is paramount, which is why the fabric is meticulously tested and certified fire retardant to BS5867 type B standards, ensuring peace of mind in any setting.

    Weighing in at a balanced 125 grams, it strikes the perfect equilibrium between durability and manageability. For those seeking a more streamlined option, this fabric is also available without the foam backing, catering to a diverse range of preferences and requirements.

    Elevate your space with this Hook Receptive Foam Backed Fabric, where functionality meets sophistication, and versatility meets peace of mind.

    Here are some potential uses for this type of fabric:

    Display Boards: It can be used as a surface material for display boards or panels where items can be attached using hook-and-loop fasteners. This is commonly seen in trade shows, presentations,

    Wall Organizers: This fabric can be incorporated into wall organizers or bulletin boards where notes, photos, or other items can be easily attached and removed using hook-and-loop fasteners.

    Craft Projects: Crafters may use this fabric as a base for various projects where items need to be temporarily attached and removed, such as fabric wall hangings, interactive displays, or customized organizers.

    Educational Materials: Teachers and educators might use this fabric to create interactive learning materials, such as tactile displays or charts where students can attach items to demonstrate understanding or interact with the content.

    Retail Displays: Retailers could utilize this fabric in displays for showcasing products that need to be easily rearranged or replaced, such as clothing, accessories, or small items.

    DIY Projects: Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts might incorporate this fabric into various projects where a versatile, reusable attachment method is needed, such as custom bags, pouches, or organizers.

    Medical and Rehabilitation Equipment: In medical settings, this fabric could be used in equipment such as orthopaedic braces or splints, where adjustable straps and attachments are necessary for customization and comfort.

    Costumes and Apparel: Costume designers or apparel makers might use this fabric in garments where removable attachments or accessories are required, allowing for versatility in design and styling.

    Ideal for use In schools and colleges, classrooms are dynamic environments where organization, communication, and creativity are paramount.

    Here's how you can effectively utilize Hook Receptive Foam Backed Fabric in these spaces:

    Bulletin Boards: Transform classroom walls into interactive learning hubs by covering bulletin boards with Hook Receptive Foam Backed Fabric. This provides a soft, cushioned surface perfect for pinning up notices, announcements, student work, and educational materials using pins or hook-and-loop fasteners.

    Display Areas: Create designated display areas where students can showcase their projects, artwork, and achievements. Mount the fabric on display boards or partitions to provide a visually appealing backdrop that's both functional and inviting. Encourage student engagement by allowing them to easily attach and rearrange their work using pins or hooks.

    Interactive Learning Stations: Foster collaborative learning and engagement by incorporating interactive learning stations into your classroom layout. Cover table tops or panels with the fabric to create versatile display and activity areas where students can affix learning aids, visual aids, and interactive elements using hook-and-loop attachments.

    Organization and Planning: Enhance classroom organization and planning by utilizing the fabric to create custom organizers and planners. Cover sections of walls or bulletin boards with the fabric to serve as dedicated areas for posting schedules, calendars, lesson plans, and important reminders. Utilize hooks or pins to easily attach and update information as needed.

    Themed Learning Walls: Bring lessons to life by designing themed learning walls using Hook Receptive Foam Backed Fabric. Cover sections of walls with the fabric to create immersive learning environments related to specific subjects or topics. Students can contribute to these interactive displays by pinning up relevant materials, illustrations, and references.

    Flexible Seating Arrangements: Incorporate the fabric into flexible seating arrangements to enhance comfort and functionality. Cover seat cushions or backrests with the fabric to provide a soft, cushioned surface that's also hook receptive. This allows students to personalize their seating area by attaching accessories, such as storage pouches or visual aids, using hook-and-loop attachments.

    By leveraging the versatility and functionality of Hook Receptive Foam Backed Fabric, schools and colleges can create dynamic learning environments that promote engagement, organization, and creativity in the classroom.

  • Accreditation(s):

    Certificate: velcro receptive 3493

    Accrediting Inst/Lab: Materials testing services

    Download: fire retardant certificate

  • Please Note: The visual appearance of fabric and colour may vary on screen between monitors due to the different screen colour settings;

    The actual fabric appearances, textures, colours and quality of your fabric may not be as what you see on screen, the dyeing process between fabrics vary due to way the fabric has been woven, constructed or treated. Another factor is the type of yarn used (coarse or fine), these are key factors to consider when choosing the right fabric for your project.

    We recommend you order actual fabric samples of the fabrics you are interested in. With samples you will be sure of the fabric shade, texture, quality and the fabric feel, also you will know if it is the right fabric for your application.

    Important Point to remember about your colour; i.e. RED may not be the same as our RED, this is the same rule for any colour, you must request fabric samples, we do offer free samples, simply call us to order them.