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Animal Print Fleece

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Product code: KBT3442-F50-B215
(Price per mtr)  £6.99 VAT Incl.


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Four choices of smooth and soft animal print fleece fabric, two leopard print, one tiger print and one zebra. Animal print can really work well with any number of ideas. You could cover large areas such as bedding, throws and blankets to drape over chairs or use smaller quantities for little touches of the print. The fleece fabric is very soft but still tough enough to endure constant use, so items such as chair covers and lounge cushions will look good and will withstand being sat on!


The Black and white zebra print uses a block print to replicate the zebra coat pattern, printed onto white fleece in an average sized scale. This would look good in brightly coloured rooms teamed with vivid block colours. Bright red or magenta would look great, but literally any boldcolour would look awesome with this pattern.


We have two kinds of leopard print fleece; the first is a realistic print in graduated tones of classic leopard colourings. This graduated ombre style leopard print has a realistic range of colours used in the markings which is printed to scale. The second type of leopard print fleece is a block print style using just two colours of light caramel and milk chocolate brown with a black outline for the rosette markings. This stylised simple print has a contemporary look to it. This fabric would look good for clothing items, big comfy hoodies or oversized jumpers would be ideal.


The gorgeous tiger print is printed onto fuzzy fleece instead of a furry fabric and it looks grrrrrreat! The realistic pattern uses the colours and markings of in deep oranges, cream and black. In a neutral themed room, touches of this iconic print would give a safari style to the décor or for a bit of drama, drape with black velvet.


  • Tiger print fleece
  • Leopard print fleece
  • Zebra print fleece