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Black Polyester Fabric - FR - Raven

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Product code: KBT11870 - U116
(Price per mtr)  £8.99 VAT Incl.

192 cm

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This is a class 0 synthetic fire retardant fabric; with this specification it can resist a fire from spreading, particularly over the outer walls of high-rise buildings.


It is a 100% blackout Polyester fabric, and is classed as an inherent flame-retardant fabric, meaning it hasn't had any resistant treatments added to it as it is naturally fire retardant from the way it is structured.  



This fabric can be useful in many different ways:

  • Construction
  • The furniture trade
  • Displays
  • Backdrops
  • Stage sets
  • Exhibition stands
  • School halls, colleges, universities
  • Partition areas
  • Industrial work wear
  • Uniforms for fire fighters, air force pilots
  • Tents and parachute fabric
  • Professional motor racing apparel


It is ideal to use non-flammable fabrics like this one in a building as it:

  • Slows down the flame, or even causes the fire to self-extinguish, therefore limiting the spread
  • Minimises the build up of heat which again will prevent the fire rapidly developing



If holding an exhibition, or a show, this will increase the safety of the event if fire retardant fabrics are used. This applies in the same way to event holders if tents are needed; make a clever choice and kit yourself out with fire retardant fabrics! 

For fire fighters, air force pilots, and other types of trade, workwear can be even safer if made from a material like this one with these qualities. 



Certified by Gort Flameproofing Services.