Chinese Dragon Brocades

Chinese brocades 200grm 112cm wide fabrics, a woven Chinese jacquard Silky polyester brocade, thick, shiny, silk-like fabrics. New unique designs woven Chinese writing and woven Chinese dragon design. Available in a range of exciting colours.

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Wholesale Price: £5.99/Mtr
Roll Size: 40 (Mtrs)

Saving: £200.00/Roll

Chinese Brocade fabric sometimes called shanghai fabric, woven jacquard colour beautiful authentic oriental dragon design fabric content is 55% rayon 45% nylon originally made in china. Perfect for clothing or for your home decor just think of what can you make..? Garments of clothing, scarves, wai...


Chinese brocade, sometimes called Shanghai fabric. Woven jacquard with beautiful Chinese lettering. This fabric is made in China. Composition is 55% Rayon, 45% Nylon. Perfect for clothing or home decor. Uses include scarves, waist coats, slippers, handbags, upholstery and cushion covers, curtains e...