Suede Fabrics

Polyester Suede, smooth velvet type finished suede effects

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Wholesale Price: £11.99/Mtr
Roll Size: 50 (Mtrs)

Saving: £200.00/Roll

Fire retardant suede fabric back coated, conforms to BS5852, BS5867, BS467, suitable for wall covering, headboards, upholstrey also conforms to Crib 5 when used with an interliner.


Wholesale Price: £7.49/Mtr
Roll Size: 40 (Mtrs)

Saving: £100.00/Roll

Suede fabric, 100% Polyester Suede fabric,225g ideal for headboards, cushions, upholstery, curtains, cars interiors etc


This fabric has a delicate texture with great elasticity and drapeIdeal for fashion, apparel, caps, purses, light upholstery, draperies, and interior decor.